ResearchHub — A decentralized academic research marketplace

For the recent data economy challenge posted by Ocean Protocol, I set out to create a marketplace that removed the responsibility of any individual party from making research and data publicly available.

Scientific results are still for the most part still considered the task of classical publishing companies. In particular, there is a lack of efficient methods for publishing scientific datasets, which have become increasingly important for science. Such inefficiencies can slow progress, and reduce the ability for gathering feedback and iterating on collected data sets.


We present an open data sharing platform for academic research, powered by Ocean Protocol; this server is able to decentrally store and archive data from academic research. With this network, data is no longer restricted or controlled by any one party. Below shows a snapshot of the home page of the website, which is accessible here:

Research hub creates a niche marketplace for scientific research with an exclusive and separate category created in the Ocean marketplace for ‘research’ related items. We leveraged the existing tools and components offered by the ‘commons’ data set search to power this marketplace.

The commons marketplace serves more general purposes — ResearchHub is for searching and uploading research papers and corresponding data sets. A domain-specific marketplace can accelerate development by enabling researchers to share and combine data sets.

Using ResearchHub, any user can publicize their research and distribute it to a worldwide community — either for free or for a certain amount of OCEAN token royalties.

This is just a prototype; I hope ResearchHub be used as a gateway toward more democratic methods for sharing data and collaborating on research.

The code is open source:

Try it out here:

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